Welsh and Border Counties Hound Show 2012

Success again for the NCH Hounds at Builth

3 Firsts and Champion Unentered Doghound


Unenterd Couple Dogs- 1st Capetown & Carbine

Champion Unenterd Dog - Capetown

Entered Couple Dogs - 4th Gregory & Grimsby

Entered 2 Couple Dogs - 4th Bodmin Grimsby Growler Gregory

Stallion - 4th Bodmin

Unentered Couple Bitches - 1st Candle & Deborah

Reserve Champion Unentered Bitch - Candle

Entered Couple Bitches - 3rd Grapefruit & Grumble

Entered 2 Couple Bitches - 3rd Gradual Grapevine Grapefruit Grumble

Brood Bitch - 1st Gridiron