Star performance at Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show 2010


For those of you who don't know of Peterborough Hound Show, it is in its 122 year and is the premier hound show in England. The results are listed below and we all should be extremely proud to be associated with such a pack.

The success below is all down to Nigel Peel's many years and expertise breeding our hounds and Nick Hopkins's and Matt Ramsden's ability to show our hounds so that they stood out against all competitors.


The NCH hounds were entered in 4 classes, and in addition were given two special prizes. They achieved a rosette within the top three placings in each class, AND in the Special Classes they received a 1st and a Reserve.

Below are the actual awards and the number of packs in contention. But as you read through, remember it is the first time in nearly 30 years that a NCH Dog hound has been shown and look at the number of competitors we were up against in each class!

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Class 2 Best Couple of Unentered Dog Hounds, 26 packs showing in the class:

NCH 3rd with Greatrev and Bodmin

Special Prize (5) H&H Challenge Cup. CHAMPION Unentered Dog Hound:

NCH 1st with Bodmin as Champion

Class 7 Best Couple of Unentered Bitch Hounds, 27 packs showing in the class:

NCH 1st with Bobbin and Bobtail

Special Prize (17) H&H Challenge Cup. CHAMPION Unentered Bitch Hound:

NCH Reserve with Bobtail

Class 9 Best Two Couple of Entered Hounds, 18 packs showing in the class:

NCH 3rd with Bootlace, Bottle, Caroline and Grasmere

Class 10 Best Hound, not less than 2 season hunter & certified to be dam of living puppies, 23 packs showing in the class:

NCH 2nd with Bootlace

This is a success that should be celebrated!