Peterborough 2011

Once again the NCH had a hugely successful day at Peterborough.

We did enter one Dog Hound class, class 2 "Best Couple of Unentered Hounds" with Gregory & Growler. We were awarded 4th place (reserve) out of 24 packs showing.

But our true strength was evident in the Bitch classes, where we exceeded our very strong showing last year, and this year in particular in the "Entered classes".

Our first entry into the Bitch section, class 7 "Best Couple of Unentered" with Grapefruit and Grapevine did not result in a rossette.

However our next class, class 9 "Best two Couple of Entered" with Gridiron & Gradient and Bobtail & Bobbin was a huge success. We were the winners of this class against 19 other packs!

And it is important to note, that while we did win this same class at Builth Wells this year, we did so with a different mix of bitches. This clearly demonstrates the strength and depth of quality in the NCH kennels. Also consider that as 'entered' hounds these are hounds that have hunted, they are not just for show. This is a class that every competitor at Peterborough would want to win.

The next class, class 10 was for "Best Brood Bitch - not less than 2 season hunter" against 24 packs.

Again, the NCH was 1st with Caroline as our winning entry.

Our next stunning achievement was in the contest for the Champion Cup given to the champion bitch in show. Here the judges, Martin Scott and Otis Ferry quickly weeded out all the others entered and zero'd in on 2 bitches, NCH Bobtail and Heythrop Mellow. They spent a good deal of time examining both, having them galloped, and then examining them again, circling and circling the two bitches. When they finally announced the winner they told the show that it was a very tough decision as they were both such lovely hounds.

NCH Bobtail was awarded Reserve Champion Bitch for Peterborough 2011.

To walk away with two 1st places and the Reserve Champion is a fantastic result!

Nigel Peel is to be congratulated once again on his hugely successful breeding program, and Nick Hopkins for beautifully showing our hounds.