NCH Golden Eagle

Below is a letter received from Calvin Crossman the new NCH falconer who has been regularly flying Flora with the North Cotswold hounds during Autumn Hunting:

Dear North Cotswold Hunt and Members.


I am just writing to say that I'm enjoying being part of the N.C.H and to say thank you for every ones support and hospitality.

Below is a summary of progress, as I thought it may be of interest to subscribers.

Flora is a Female Golden Eagle and her hunting weight now stands at 8lb 3/4. She was 12lb a month or so ago. The first 2 weeks was weight reduction, she's a little aggressive at times and can be a handful.

She is not phased by the horses or hounds but some horses are a bit spooked by her especially when she opens her 8ft foot of wing span.

If any members want to come and introduce their horses to Flora at the start of a meet for 5 minutes or so then please just come over and see us.

I apologise in advance for any professional dismounts that may be caused by Flora and myself. I will make every effort to ensure every ones safety. I hope you all enjoy her being out as much as I do.

Although she is a trained Eagle, I would like to ask followers to have their wits about them when she's free flying or after I have slipped her on quarry. If you are in close proximity with small dogs or large ones, either could be seen as a meal.

Also foot followers may need to be aware of what they wear: furry collars or scarves or cuffed gloves with fur on could be attractive to her.


 Calvin & Flora

 May wings and hooves glide you over the Cotswold Hills in fine tune of hounds.

Great pics. Thanks Elliot.