The North Cotswold Hunt

The North Cotswold Hunt has been described as ‘one of the most notable of the smaller Hunts’. The earliest record of foxhunting in the North Cotswolds dates back to 1772, when the area was part of the vast hunting ground of the Earls of Berkeley.

A link to this period survives in the distinctive primrose collar worn by Hunt members. In 1868 the North Cotswold Hunt was established with the Earl of Coventry maintaining the pack at his own expense. In 1867 it had finally been agreed that the North of the Cotswold country needed a separate pack in order to hunt it efficiently. The Earl of Coventry was the first Master, and as such the source of the coronet on the Hunt button. In 1873 when Lord Coventry stepped down local landowners and businessman agreed to continue and thereby created the subscription pack which remains to this day.


Thanks and congartaulations to all the helpers involved in bucket shaking over the festive period. 

This resulted in a fantastic sum of £800 raised for


A great spread in Horse and Hound as well!

A cheque was handed to Midlands Airambulance at the NCH Dog Show in 2019



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