Winning Entered 2 couple bitches:  Rattle, Raindrop, Rachel & Raven

NCH hounds were Outstanding at the Builth Wells, the Wales & Border Counties Hound Show.

We dominated the Dog hound classes. Traditionally we have been known for our superior bitches but we are now leaders in Dog hound classes as well.

We Won the Entered couple Dog hounds with Botham & Bolton.

We were 2nd in the Entered 2 couple Dog hounds with Greenwich, Gripton, Bodmin & Greatcoat We were 4th in the Stallion hound class with Caliph And Won CHAMPION Dog hound with Greenwich


In the afternoon,

We Won the Unentered couple of bitches with Grapevine & Greenway We were 3rd in the Entered couple bitches with Deborah & Griddle We Won the Entered 2 couple bitches with Rattle, Raindrop, Rachel & Raven


These hounds were all shown brilliantly by First Whip & Kennel Huntsman, Nick Hopkins and 2nd Whip, Eliot Stoke.

The vision behind the excellence of the NCH breeding program lies with Nigel Peel, MFH